Beach Camp, Kashid

The untouched locales of Kashid are free from commercialized touristy trappings, and the destination has an infectious calm vibe about it. LetsCampOut is one of the most popular camping sites in the area, located on a hillock flanked by the Arabian Sea on one side, and the Phansad Wildlife Sanctuary on the other. You can simply relax on a hammock, laze around by the beach, go fishing in the afternoons, play beach volleyball with your friends, or jazz up your stay with private beach parties and night-time boat rides.

Distance from Mumbai: 168 km

Getting There: A 3-hour drive from Mumbai. You can also take a train up to Panvel and board a bus for Kashid from there.

The Fireflies Trail of Purushwadi

An obscure camping site on the outskirts of the Purushwadi Village, this place is best known for its night trek to the Fireflies Trail. Walking on a rocky forest trail dotted by millions of fireflies—like stars illuminating your pathway—is sure to blow your mind. The place also hosts an annual Purushwadi Fireflies Festival between May and July, when this tranquil village comes alive with jam sessions and bonfires.

Distance from Mumbai: 190 km

Getting There: Nearly 5-hour drive from Mumbai