One of the best things in life is your family. When you get to experience something breathtaking and stunning with the people you love it becomes an even better experience. Thanks to my adorable aunt, four crazy women made their way to the jungles of Madhya Pradesh and enjoyed seven days of pure bliss. Starting with a mildly traumatic take off, beautiful tiger sightings, joy rides in the jungle, a wild jungle beast ( ok maybe not ) entering my room, and ending with a hilarious episode with airport security this all girls trip was fantastic.

As they say, what happens in the jungle, stays in the jungle so no gory family secrets shall be revealed but I do want to talk about my holiday and why I think everyone needs to experience the forest.

We first visited the Pench Tiger Reserve which is approximately 2 hours away from Nagpur airport and stayed in lovely spacious tents at the Pench Jungle Camp Resort. The resort is very pretty with a swimming pool, nice manicured lawn to sit out in the evening and have some warm tea post your safari, big spacious tent rooms with everything you could possibly need, super polite and helpful staff and the best home cooked food