Hidden Valley

Experience the pleasure of trekking in utter silence inside a 150 acre, revere forest overlooking the great Mudumalai Tiger Reserve with a Panoramic View of The Karnataka – Tamilnadu State Forest. You will be thrilled to see the exquisite flora and Fauna and enchanting birdlife.
After a 15km Jeep / Mountain Bike / ride to the Village you will be taken on Trek through the jungle.

Animals Seen

Indian Bison( Gaur), Sambar Deer, Mouse Deer, Rabbit, Barking Deer Tiger, Panther, Porcupine, Giant Indian Squrill, Langur and Birds of various kind origin.


Tough and Medium Trekking, and Mountaineering.
Daily bonfire. No electricity – No radio – No TV – limited facilities – more wild. Real jungle life takes you to several centuries back.


Distance from Ooty : 20 kms

Altitude : 1700mts above msl (Ooty 2240 mts)

Distance from Mysore : 150 kms

Distance from Bangalore : 250 kms

Distance from Chennai : 550 kms


Summer : Maximum – 28C, Minimum – 18℃

Winter : Maximum – 20℃, Minimum – 8℃

Old Bungalow

The bungalow was built during the British era. It was built as a hunting lodge, with a verandah for hanging game meat from hunting trips, and English-style fireplaces. The bungalow has now been slightly modified for modern convenience but still retains the old-world charm. The bungalow has three spacious rooms each with an attached toilet and bath. Each room can accommodate three people. Hot water is available on request. Lanterns are lit after dusk, but there is also a solar light in each room.


We have two simple military-style tents for those who want a more intimate jungle stay. Each tent can accommodate a maximum of 4 people. The tents are made of canvas and are waterproof. The platform for the tents is built sustainably with local knowhow and local raw materials. There is a bath and toilet at the back of each tent. There is also an open shower for the experience of bathing under the sky.

Guests staying in tents are free to use the bungalow’s verandah.

Note : We especially discourage guests from using synthetic and strong smelling soaps, perfumes and deodorants.


We serve local food cooked in traditional style using waste wood. Try our simple yet very delicious food with varieties of local touch ups!! cooked in spring water. We encourage our guests to walk into our nearby farm to pick up fresh vegetables for the day.

Our Menu is fixed but please do not hesitate to inform in advance if you have any special needs.

Day Hikes

There are 4 or 5 trails within and around the property of various difficulty levels. Most of the trails lead out to vantage points which offer excellent opportunities for wildlife viewing on the Sigur plateau and hill slopes that descend into the plateau.

Beermukku trek

Scramble up boulders to reach the Beermukku temple, take the winding road back through woodland and grassland, gearing yourself up for a chance spotting of junglefowl, peacock, hares or gaur… The Beermukku temple is an old Shiva temple and is located at the top of hill commanding a great view of the Sigur plateau and beyond. With a pair of binoculars one can spend an hour scanning the horizon to view Masinagudi, local temples, and maybe a herd of elephants.

Mandada trek

Walk down the winding jeep track, pause before entering a glade – the bushy patches might conceal fowl, a bear or even an elephant – and come to a spectacular viewpoint. Take up a vantage point and scan the grass and woodland downhill for animals. Walk back using a Sambhar deer path, see hidden watering holes that animals use and hike up to the bungalow for some hot tea and snacks.


We’ve put up machans at select spots for the keen wildlife enthusiast. A couple of the machans have been put up in spots where we’ve seen a lot of bird activity. The silent observer can view the canopy at a close range and witness the daily avian dramas. The bird photographer, with some luck by his side, could get good shots of the Asian Fairy Blue bird, Bulbuls, Parakeets and Woodpeckers.

Dress Code for Trekking


Track suits, Jeans or Trousers, Shirts of Dark shade or T-Shirts, Shoes with flexible rubber sole.


Track suits, Jeans, Trousers, Salwars, Shirts or T-shirts of dark shade. no saree or skirt.