Kluney Manor Ooty Resort

Kluney Manor is one of the best resorts in Ooty. Based on our research, we have answered certain questions to which you might want answers before you book your stay at Kluney Manor, Ooty. Read on to know what this Victorian suite hotel offers.

What are the amenities and facilities offered at Kluney Manor?

  • Free WiFi
  • Restaurant
  • Room service
  • Free breakfast 
  • Breakfast buffet
  • Full service laundry
  • Free Parking
  • Blackout curtains
  • 24 hour security and front desk
  • Airport shuttle*

What are the extra services that Kluney Manor offers?

Two of the special features Kluney Manor offers is the trek in the mountain ranges and the forest jeep ride. 

Is Kluney Manor family friendly?

Yes, this Victorian resort with a peaceful green environment is great for families. 

Is the hotel couple-friendly?

Yes, it is. 

Does the hotel have a honeymoon package?

It does not have a specific package but you can mention your specific needs at the time of contacting the resort to book your stay to know more about the special packages.

Can we get extra beds for our small children?

Yes, you can and this resort is child-friendly. 

Is breakfast included in the price?

Yes, they offer free breakfast. 

Does Kluney Manor offer free parking?

Yes, it does. Kluney Manor has a huge parking space.  

Does Kluney Manor allow pets?

Unfortunately, no.

Is Wi-Fi available at the hotel/in the room? 

Yes, there is free WiFi. You can catch up on your work during your stay. 

Can I reserve a table in a restaurant?

Yes, you can reserve a table in the restaurant. Even if you do not stay in the resort, you can reserve a table if you would like to visit the resort for lunch or dinner. 

Do they offer hotel shuttles, for example to the nearby railway station or airport?

Yes, they do offer hotel shuttles to the nearby airport. 

Can I have breakfast/lunch/dinner in your hotel even if I am not staying there?

Yes, you can do that. You can also reserve a table. 

The restaurant in Kluney Manor provides world class food and beverages. It serves various types of dishes ranging from continental to Chinese, Indian and Tandoori. They also provide American breakfast in addition to South Indian food.

Does Kluney Manor offer an exercise facility?

There is no fitness center at the resort but you can very well walk around the resort during your stay. 

Are there restaurants or bars available in the hotel?

Yes, there is a restaurant that serves lunch, breakfast, and dinner available. Though bar facilities are not available, guests are allowed to carry their own drinks. 

Is there a swimming pool in Kluney Manor?

No, there is no swimming pool.

Is room service available? 

Yes, room service and laundry service are available at the resort. 

Does the hotel arrange transportation or has a travel desk for sightseeing?

The resort will make arrangements based on your needs but it may require an additional payment. 

What are the nearest attractions to this hotel?

Following are some of the popular attractions you can visit during your stay in Kluney Manor, Ooty. 

Race course – 1.7 KM

Thunder world – 1.6 KM

Rose garden – 2.3 KM

Deer park – 2.3 KM

Boat house – 2.6 KM

St. Stephen’s Church – 3.1 KM

Botanical garden – 3.7 KM

The Tea Factory & The Tea Museum – 6.2 KM

Doddabetta – 10.4 KM

Emerald lake – 19.6 KM

Avalanche lake – 21.9 KM

Pykara waterfalls – 23.5 KM 

Mudumalai National Park – 48 KM

What are the different types of rooms available at the resort?

There are two types of rooms available at the resort. 

  1. Vintage rooms with lush wooden flooring that reflect the Victorian era charm. These rooms are furnished with antique furniture and a fireplace. It also comes attached with a spacious bathroom.
  2. Classic rooms in row cottages with cosy verandas that overlook a beautiful garden. These rooms have a fireplace and have attached bathrooms.

Is the resort located in a safe neighborhood?

Yes, they prioritize your safety and we are sure Kluney Manor is a place where you will feel at home. The resort is a heritage property located a little away from the town on top of a hill with an awesome view but it is easily accessible through cars. It is located in a safe and peaceful residential neighborhood with a wonderful view of the beautiful hills.

Is the resort located within Ooty or on the outskirts of Ooty? 

The resort is not located too far from the town and it is easily accessible from the town. 

How to book a stay in Kluney Manor?

You can send a message to the hotel directly to book your stay. You can mention the type of room you are looking for in your message. You can also click the button below to book your stay at Kluney Manor, Ooty. 

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